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Since its establishment in 2000, Chan Ta Feng Auto Products Co. has developed into a major developer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality auto accessories for automakers in Taiwan. In recent years, the firm has also directed more of its attention to designing, developing, and manufacturing products for customers worldwide on an OEM/ODM basis. 

With the strong support of its in-house R&D and manufacturing capability, Chan Ta Feng supplies a wide range of products including side-view mirrors, wide-angle mirrors, multipurpose storage bags, car chargers, triple-socket car chargers, reflectors, moldings, cargo nets, luggage nets, car seat cushions, and car cleaning products, all of which are supplied in top quality to appeal to different markets around the world. 

In addition to top product quality, the company stresses, it also provides prompt delivery and competitive prices for its customers, with quality and safety being its top priorities. All of the materials used in making its products are carefully inspected, and each finished product is subject to stringent quality control procedures before delivery. All of the company's products are 100% “Made-in-Taiwan.” (QL)