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Folding USB + dual-socket adapter


  1. USB Battery Charger + 2 Receptacles, two functions in one to save cost and space;
  2. In-car battery charger for flash disk, MP3, cell phone, iPOD and PDA etc.;
  3. Easy to use without having to carrying a heavy transformer;
  4. Single general model of USB 2.0 version (as shown in Figure);
  5. Equipped with LED indicator and mood light;
  6. Vertical and 360˚ horizontal rotation design for easy plug and light angle adjustment;

USB Specifications

Input voltage: DC 12V~24V

Power consumption: below 1.0A

Output voltage: DC 5V~5.4V

Max. output current: 1.0A

Additional Info

  • Model: V-5709
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC