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CRV cargo net 45x120cm(18"x48")


Characteristic :

  1. Protect the function of articles.
  2. While opening the van of rear trunk door, if the trunk has put articles, it will make articles pushing and shoving to the door edge of rear trunk and break down the articles as soon as the door is opened.
  3. Take in it conveniently and it can pick up at any time when not using.
  4. It can pick up and close at both side too. (While putting the big things)

Install the method :

  1. The ones that entangled the elastic of two vertex angles on the products on the hook of original car. Such as figures 1, 2.
  2. The two hooks under the net, catching on the place where we can fix or the original car has hooks, entangle with the elastic.
  3. Another way is installed and located in back of the chair, catching on the pillow iron post on the top, the underpart catches on the back of chair.

Operation method :

Draw back on one side and put into the articles. Such as figures 3, 4.

Notice :

  1. The total weight does not exceed 14 kilograms, so as not to damaged the net and damaged the articles.
  2. Sharp articles need to pack with newspaper or the others, so as not to cut the net thread and damaged the articles.

Additional Info

  • Model: V-7106
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC