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Big cargo net


Characteristic :

  1. Put it in articles of the rear trunk and take in it in the net, it will to avoid the articles collide while driving.
  2. Increase the space of the rear trunk and it can not be in disorder.
  3. Take in it conveniently and it can pick up at any time when not using.

Install the method :

  1. Use the tool of cross opener. The fittings : 4 pieces of rotate hooks and 4 pieces of screws.
  2. Put the net and pocket up, measure the position that is installed and make four angles on the mark, then use the screws fit it on four angles which do the mark. (Notice: Consider the length of hook) Such as figures.
  3. Bags upwards and put the four vertex angles of net hang on the hook. Such as figures 1, 2.

Operation method :

Draw back on one side and put into the articles.

Notice :

  1. The total weight does not exceed 14 kilograms, so as not to damaged the net and damaged the articles.
  2. Sharp articles need to pack with newspaper or the others, so as not to cut the net thread and damaged the articles.

Additional Info

  • Model: V-7108
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC