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Soft type Breathable Seat Cushion

v-3910 Soft type Breathable Seat Cushion



  1. Made of soft and breathable mesh, it can be rolled up for easy carrying and is perfect for road trips, hiking, and ball games, etc.
  2. It allows air to flow through the meses to achieve cooling effect.
  3. The breathable top is made of fine mesh fabric which is soft to touch. The high elasticity sandwich mesh in the middle is officially tested and certified by SGS. It will not flatten out to your body weight. That means, the breathability is always maintained. The cushion is with an anti slip mesh bottom to prevent it from slipping. With these meshes, the cushion offers you different comfort, feel and heat dissipation.
  4. It is generally dry after spinning. It is easy to wash and easy to use.

Fast heat dissipation / Breathable good / Comfortable / Slip

Additional Info

  • Model: V-3910
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC
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