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  1.  As a seat cushion: Used the cushion as a booster to raise to a desired height.
              a. For short drivers:You can use the cushion to boost you up, so you will not have trouble seeing properly.
              b. You can use the cushion to raise your child up so that the safety belt canfit correctly. 
  2. As a back rest:The ergonomic back support ergonomic design provides maximum support and comfort while seated especially when it comes to drive long distances.
  3. The 3M moisture wicking fabric offers dry and cool comfort.

B.  Installation

  1. As a back rest:Pull the elastic drawstrings on the back of the product to fit over the chair as shown in Figure.
  2. As a booster:Just place the cushion onto the chair or pull the elastic drawstrings at the back of the product to fit under the chair.

C.  Notes

To clean the cover, please remove the foam by unlocking the zipper on the back. Please do not wash the foam to prevent it from deformation. Just expose it to sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes.

Additional Info

  • Model: V-3907
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC
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