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Multipurpose food storage rack

V-3672 Backseat Food and Drinks Tray

1. Features:

  1. While eating in thebackseat, you may place food and drinks on the tray to prevent spilling andstaining of the car floor mats.
  2. The tray may be stowedaway when not in use and thus will not take up additional space in thebackseats.
  3. You may also store largeand small bottles, cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, breads, cookies,hamburgers, snacks, magazines, etc. on the tray.
  4. The tray support may beadjusted according to the reclining angle of the car seats for maximumcomfort.
  5. Trash bags can be hung onthe hooks located on the sides of the tray. This way, the trash can be easilyremoved from the car, keeping the inside of the car clean.

2. Installationand Directions to Use

  1. Tie the belt and secure the tray betweenthe headrest and seat back. See the Fig.
  2. The diagram of the product.
  3. Diagram of ray with drinks

3. Warning

  1. Car seats suitable for the installation.
  2. Enjoy your hot meal anddrinks while the car is at a stop to prevent spills. Make sure hot drinks orsoup is closed tightly to prevent spills.
  3. Do not store anydangerous tools, such as scissors, knives or sharp objects on the tray toprevent injury.

Additional Info

  • Model: V-3672
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC