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Super wide rearview mirror & Clip.

Size:300x80mm convex mirror


1.    It allows parents to keep an eye on their baby in the back seat while driving.
2.    It is a wide angle convex mirror capable of holding name cards, prepaid tickets, car wash coupons, charms, etc. Fig. 1
3.    It increases the driver's field of view and reduces the vehicle's blind spot to ensure safety. Fig. 2.
4.    It can also be installed on the existing mirror having a surface that is curved or rounded outward at the bottom. Fig. 3.
5.    High precision, high reflectivity mirror.
6.    Safe, easy, do-it-yourself Installation.


1.    Hook the moving holding piece onto the upper edge of the existing mirror. Pull down all the way to the bottom of the existing mirror and press to hold. Fig. 4
2.    Adjust to the desired angle.


1.    Always keep alert to ensure safety while driving.
2.    Please hang charms that are lightweight. Do not over load the clip. 
3.    Make sure the charm is not blocking your sight.
4.    Use a soft and wet cloth or wet tissue to clean the mirror to avoid scratching the surface.



Additional Info

  • Model: CS-2032
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC