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Blind spot mirror

Size: 6x9.0cm

V-312 Blind Spot Mirror

1. Features

  1. It allows you to see therear wheels of the car duringstreet parkingto avoid falling into a ditch or bumping into objects.
  2. It is a wide angle convextype mirror to give a clearer view of the blind spot than the original rearview mirror.
  3. Wide angle, large curvature.

2. Installation

Peel off the backingpaper of the adhesive and sticking it onto the desired location on siderearview mirrors as shown in Fig. 1, or sticking it onto the rearviewmirror(inside the car) as shown in Fig. 2.

3. Notes

It is a convex type mirror with large curvature, the imageformed is virtual and reduced in size. Please note that objects in the mirrorare closer than they appear.

Additional Info

  • Model: V-312
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, ROC
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